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Our strength and power comes when we unite as a community to oppose the WRLP

KDPA TAusNet Tower White.png
KDPA TAusNet Tower White.png
KDPA TAusNet Tower White.png

The KDPA is organised by a community of like-minded
people who have come together in an endeavour to

“Protect Our Countryside” against the Western Renewables Link. 

We expect that fighting against the towers will be battled and won through the courts

We need to prepare an evidence based submission in response to AusNet’s Environmental Effects Statement which will require input from expert consultants. 

There is a significant amount of work required to get our EES Submission ready and the timeframe for preparation is tight.

AusNet is a foreign-owned, multi-billion dollar corporate business. We need your support to fight.

Please feel free to donate
to support our 

Direct deposit: 


Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

BSB: 633 000

ACC: 178 360 301

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